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If the maps are installed to an SD card, what file elements originally located on the GPS unit are now on the SD?

I've done this with success, but on another topic used a European maps on a separate SD card.

case Id= Your 760 should be offered the install-to-SD option and I can't understand why you won't be able to install all of North America.

I'm really unclear as to why North America won't fit on your 4GB card unless it's another of the many issues related to Garmin Express.

I own a 200W and I'm one of those that splits the maps between internal memory and the SD Card.

Note: the Voice files are the biggest and take up the most space.

I have the maps of all of North America loaded onto a 200W. As someone else said, backup the directory to your computer's hard drive before deleting anything.

Long story short--repeat the update using Garmin Map Updater rather than Garmin Express and report back.

On the other hand, you could bypass a repeat 2013.40 installation since 2014.10 is due out very soon, possibly even next Tuesday--and with your 4GB card and Garmin Map Updater, you should have no problem with the full map update to the 4GB SD. *map file size for 2013.40 with all of North America: gmapsup1is 1,926,368KB (1.83 GB or 1,972,600,832 bytes) and there are a few other tiny files needed as well.

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