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This event is to be fired every time one of the properties is changed.The problem with this interface is in the code that consumes it.Update Controls is an open source library that replaces event-based data binding with automatic discovery and updating. WPF data binding requires that a bindable class implement the INotify Property Changed interface.This interface is fairly easy to implement as it requires only a single event: Property Changed.As you’ve seen, writing a dependent property is simple; just put the business logic into the get method.But writing an independent property takes one additional step.Current Customer and Name, on the other hand, are independent properties since they can change independently.Independent properties support both read and write, but dependent properties are read-only.

To help you write this extra code, Update Controls installs a Visual Studio add-in that shows up in the Tools menu as “Generate Independent Properties”.In 2004, Martin Fowler documented the Presentation Model pattern ( Dev/Presentation Model.html).In 2006, John Gossman of the Expression team gave the name Model-View-View Model to a realization of this pattern in WPF (Michael is a software generalist, producing mobile, desktop, and enterprise solutions.He codes in both C# and Java, and applies the lessons learned from each to the other.

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The INotify Property Changed interface, while easy to implement, is hard to consume.

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