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In a free speech case Judge Howard Shore refuses to identify as such, likely with a nod to San Diego's flipped-his-cheap-toupee, Jan Goldsmith, City Attorney, below; Jurors are seated for the case of Jeff Olson for writing "Shame" in front of banks, on a public sidewalk, in chalk. The City of San Diego is prosecuting chalk on the sidewalk, as vandalism. We've maintained for years San Diego is wholly at peace with its corruption. Have received a few complaints about Judge Mc Adam's, and reviews do indicate if one "gets under his skin" Mc Adams address his peeved meter, rather than the facts in front of him, but this I hope will bring some clarity to at least one case. May 22, 2013, Dateline aired the Crystal Harris story of misogyny at the hands of San Diego Judge Greg Pollack, without once identifying Judge Pollack.This free-speech case prosecuted as vandalism strikes us as Exhibit A in that regard. Other media protects judges the same, and is why the Archives page was created.Faulconer used his annual State of the City address on Thursday... Up to 43 people remain unaccounted for following Tuesday’s massive mudflow, though officials said that number... C.-based animal advocacy group sued two federal agencies this week, accusing them of ignoring public record requests as they push for Tilikum’s full necropsy to get released.Tilikum, the whale at the center of the anti-captivity documentary “Blackfish” for killing a trainer, died... One is north-south on his face, forehead to chin, from a faceplant on the lip of the halfpipe in training last October that required 62 stitches and five days in intensive care at a New Zealand hospital after his lungs filled with blood.

Please note that in caps DA Bonnie Dumanis promises "NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKEN." After seeing Divorce CORP: DA candidate Bob Brewer said: "This is a very powerful documentary which is well done and sheds light on a system that seems in need of immediate repair. Local authorities also not interested in prosecuting Archer's alleged housing and unemployment fraud.

It clearl;y conveys that we owe it to those in the system to take a hard look at other jurisdiction on how to improve. Why is this extreme waste of time and money allowed to continue? (Alleged housing fraud was an ongoing issue the judge ignored the Robert Barry case, downtown.) However, the Beebe case is Exhibit A why San Diego women, who pay taxes for public safety, remain UN-safe in San Diego. Christian Rocker and former Del Mar resident Tim Lambesis on trial for a murder-for-hire, plot against his wife, scored a big win yesterday by drawing North County Judge Robert Kearney.

Some of the fact patterns are very moving." Judges in most San Diego Courts profiled here. By the way, the DA's alleged "Family Protection Unit" continues to ignore the documented hacking of Beebe's business accounts. Kearney is best remembered for trumping up in words, his very soft sentence for long-time child molester Henry "Bud" Parsons.

Judge Charles Rogers said he will likely give Hays a probationary wrist slap. Need another, "Greetings, you're screwed, example." Fine. How badly are family court litigants treated in San Diego? Current DA, Bonnie Dumanis features a page on the County site to report visitation violations. Local San Diego authorities completely ignore Archer' s past involvement with Shelly Malil, (convicted of attempted murder, after stabbing Beebe 23 times).

Bad news, they believe the powers that be are interested in "reform." As the AOC and Judicial Council demonstrate: No Interest. Professional Tip: The watch phrase for private arbitration is: "Hel-lo sucker!

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August 8, 2013 Vista Court - San Diego County - Northern Division Judge Stern and, note to litigants: Any attorney who allows a female litigant to appear before Judge Jaqueline Stern, might be guilty of malpractice.

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