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The word “transsexual” will be the default term, as it typically is used in scientific literature, unless there is a specific need for the broader umbrella term “transgender.” Also note, “transwomen” refers to male-to-female transsexuals, and “transmen” refers to female-to-male transsexuals.Gender identity was once thought of as being entirely a social construct, with most of our gender formation occurring between the ages of 1-4. :)Most Romantic: Stefan because (1) we’ve seen him act romantic in his relationship with Elena and (2) we haven’t really seen much romance in Caroline’s past relationships. Stefan on the other hand waited years before making a move on Caroline, and when he did he had amnesia and was drunk. These costumes come with handcuffs and you have a single. He took a huge risk by being the “better villain” than Klaus in 3x11. They have both suffered past abuse from Katherine and Damon.

I’m going to address the following points in order: Note: “Transsexual” is used somewhat synonymously with “transgender” in this article.Although raised a girl all her life, she had the unshakeable feeling that she was in fact a boy.She transitioned back to male at age 14, and attempted to live as a male, but eventually, due to financial instability and a failing marriage, committed suicide.The highlight of his day must have been the morning romp with Katherine.(That excellent opening scene featured both Katherine/Mason and Elena/Stefan sex scenes.) A few hours later, Bonnie gives him multiple aneurisms, Stefan and Damon knock him out, and Damon tortures him with a hot poker and anti-wolf devices.

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