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The ink was fresh, and the surrounding skin was red and raised, still not fully healed.She touched the tender skin and winced, watching as a small bead of blood trailed down her back from the recent punctures. During the processing she'd endured at Catherine's hands, Kara had been alert and aggressive, prepared at any moment to seize hold of a weapon and to take advantage of any opportunity to escape.Kara could see her nipples pressed taught against the cloth, as her captors had put tiny, metal rings around each nipple to keep them firm.She also wore a pair of deep red panties that hugged the skin, perhaps too tightly, but was grateful that she was at least partially covered with two pieces of long, equally red cloth connected by a golden chain and draping across her front and back, like a make shift skirt.Kara tried to angle her head, so that she could view the wound from the recent insertion of a tracking implant, but it was useless. But after Catherine's crew had handled the basics---blood work, STD tests, dental cleaning, etc---they'd put her under to implant the tracker, and had gone ahead with the tattoo and laser hair removal while she was out.

She'd forgotten how many freckles she had, and the small brown mole on her left cheek.Her hair was down again, untangled and curled, coming to a spot right below her mid-back.Kara ran a strand of hair through her fingers, watching her reflection do the same, as if she were staring at a stranger.They weren't connected, so her hands were free, and she tugged at the cuffs, but they were fastened on tight.For the fiftieth time, Kara turned away from her reflection and pulled back her hair, so that she could look back and see the registration number tattooed onto her left shoulder: 365785.

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