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DRAGON CAM Featuring Conditional Access Irdeto I & II Viaccess I & II Seca Mediaguard I & II Beta Crypt Nagra Vision TPSCrypt @Sky Crypt SHLCrypt Crypto Works Conax X-in-1 Funcard PRODOTTO DALLA DREAM MULTIMEDIA IDEATRICE E PRODUTTRICE DEI FAMOSI DREAMBOX E MAGIC CAM.DISPONIBILITA' IMMEDIATA LA VERA RIVOLUZIONE DELLE CAM VEDERE PER CREDERE NUOVA VERSIONE 3.01 ADATTA PER NDS IN FUTURO Blue Ice Crypt NO ZAP Fee X TV 6 MESI Dont Panic CAM da inserire in ricevitori dotati di almeno 1 slot Common Interface A differenza della Joker alias sky Cript (sono la stessa cosa), la Ice Cript consente la visione di N.In other cases the ring connection is not used, so it doesn't matter.There is a surprising variety of possible combinations of plug type, conductors, and wiring, but electrically the circuit is very simple and easy to diagnose or verify with a multimeter or even by trial and error.In the case of the jacks to be used with mono plugs (straight keys), the ring connection is not used.

The demo keyer is the Logi Key K5, which also functions as a code practice oscillator.Keys, bugs, and paddles come with a variety of connection methods.Some have binding posts, some have cables with plugs on them, some have cables which require you to attach a plug, and some have solder terminals for permanent connection of the cable. In order to simplify, I went with the most common-- 1/8" stereo jacks, with 6 of them wired for "mono" plugs and six for stereo. a radio shack) I would install the specific jacks required for my equipment.With the Logikey Keyer in "hand key mode" either the tip or ring (dot or dash side on the paddle) will act as a straight key, but many keyers and radios require the use of "bug mode" in which case only the dash line acts as a straight key.In that situation the plug would need to be stereo, and you would plug it into one of the stereo "paddle" jacks.

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