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(L-90) In compliance with the above directive, the military intelligence turned over cases, other than those in which the death sentence was probable, to the GESTAPO and the Secret Field Police for secret deporting to Germany.

(833-PS) After the civilians arrived in Germany, no word of the disposition of their cases was permitted to reach the country from which they came, or their relatives.

I would have guessed that the SD would have been involved in interogation etc.. But thanks for the wording of the order, and the charge. Organizationally speaking, the Gestapo, Kripo and SD were merged into the RSHA in 1939, I think.

Not sure this helps, but not sure I understood the question... Hans Gawlik, defense counsel for the German Security Service (Sicherheitsdienst - SD), at the International Military Tribunal (IMT) trial of major war criminals at Nuernberg, denied that the SD was involved in the execution of the “Night and Fog Decree”: Nacht und Nebel Decree.

On 7 December 1941 Hitler issued the directive, since called the "Nacht und Nebel Erlass" (Night and Fog Decree), under which persons who committed offenses against the Reich or occupation forces in occupied territories, except where death sentence was certain, were to be taken secretly to Germany and surrendered to the Security Police and SD for trial or punishment in Germany.

An executive ordinance was issued by Keitel the same date, and on 4 February 1942 the directive and ordinance were published to the police and the SS.

The letter was issued by Amt IV, specifically by Subsection IV D 4.

Within the occupied territories, communistic elements and other circles hostile to Germany have increased their efforts against the German State and the occupying powers since the Russian campaign started.I would have guessed that the SD would have been involved in interogation etc.. The Wehrmacht offices had received instructions to impose the death penalty for criminal acts against the Reich and the occupation army, undertaken by non-German civilians.However, if no such punishment was to be expected, these civilians were, according to Paragraph IV of the first supplementary regulations to the instructions contained in Document Number 91, to be taken to Germany by the Secret Field Police, there to be turned over to a Stapo office.I also refer to the ordinance by the OKW dated 2 February 1942 (Document L-90), which shows that the RSHA (Kriminaldirektor Dr.Fischer) was competent for the execution of the Nacht und Nebel Decree.

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