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Leeches and bloodletting in medicine probably bring to mind images of medieval doctors in dimly-lit huts and fears of black bile.

In fact, bloodletting has a 3,000-year history dating back to ancient Egypt.

He advises consulting with your primary physician if you are interested. And with up to two gallons of this nutrient-dense fluid flowing through the human body, it makes up a large part of our mass helps to do cool things like regulate temperature and carry vitamins to places they’re needed.

Working toward a specialization in phlebotomy means that while you probably won’t be finding the next use for leeches in modern medicine, in as little as nine months, you could help cure patients using some of the techniques mentioned above. And who knows, maybe help be part of an important diagnosis that changes their life.

Remote communities in India also consider bloodletting an accepted treatment for everything from arthritis to cervical cancer.

It just takes a short Google search for “bloodletting” and “acupuncture” to see that methodic removal of a patient’s blood is a common therapy in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.

Well, that story is kinda complete, and this is a new story, featuring the same people; understand that this is a stand-alone story and not just an extension of the first story. It's weird to be both glad she's not there and yet missing her desperately at the same time.There are FDA-approved companies such as Ricarimpex SAS that manufacture and distribute leeches to medical facilities.But the use of leeches for medical purposes is still being investigated, according to Nathan Wei, MD at the Arthritis Treatment Center.But hey, I put things out over time, piecemeal, so I'll stick with that. We've had some contact; you can't be a co-parent without any.Edited by nonethewiser, whose attention to detail and extremely useful feedback made this way better than it was going to be. It's mostly done via text or mercifully brief email.

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Not thrilled about that, but that's the law and thems the breaks.

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