Examples of world accommodating new religious movements

Although a great state will more probably succeed than two weaker states in alliance against it, still the alliance is stronger than either separately. XXIII.—Means of Protecting Lines of Operations by Temporary Bases or Strategic Reserves. Of course, in a war an ally is to be desired, all other things being equal. There are several kinds of war resulting from these two different interventions:— 1.

XVI.—The System of Offensive or Defensive Operations. It may be doubtful whether a nation has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of another people; but it certainly has a right to oppose it when it propagates disorder which may reach the adjoining states.The translation now presented to the people has been made with the earnest hope and the sincere expectation of its proving useful. She regained in two months the Italian empire and her influence in Germany, which had been lost by fifteen years of disaster.As the existence of a large, well-instructed standing army is deemed incompatible with our institutions, it becomes the more important that military information be as extensively diffused as possible among the people. In this intervention Austria had not only the political but also the military chances in her favor,—a double result, combining the highest advantages.There is, on the one side, the extreme of too rigid adherence, word for word and line for line, to the original, and on the other is the danger of using too free a pen. The counterbalancing advantage is that its own territory cannot then be easily invaded, since the scene of hostilities is so distant; so that what may be a misfortune for the general may be, in a measure, an advantage to the state.In either case the sense of the author may not be truly given. In wars of this character the essentials are to secure a general who is both a statesman and a soldier; to have clear stipulations with the allies as to the part to be taken by each in the principal operations; finally, to agree upon an objective point which shall be in harmony with the common interests.

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The power which interferes throws upon one side of the scale its whole weight and influence; it interferes at the most opportune moment, when it can make decisive use of its resources. Intervention in the internal affairs of neighboring states; 2. Whatever may be said as to the moral character of interventions of the first class, instances are frequent.

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