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It was a week before WWE's NXT Takeover Brooklyn when Jami Morgan got the call that his band would be performing there, live.

Code Orange knew that "Bleeding in the Blur," the breakout single from their January 2017 major-label debut, , was going to be the show's theme song, but this invitation was unexpected.

Nu metal bands occasionally feature hip hop musicians as guests in their songs; Korn's song "Children of the Korn" features the rapper Ice Cube, who performed on the band's 1998 Family Values Tour.

Trevor Baker of The Guardian wrote, "Bands such as Linkin Park, Korn and even the much reviled Limp Bizkit ...

Morgan, the most forward member of the group offstage, sits back behind the drums, screaming his vocals but staying mostly covered by the band.Many heavy metal, alternative metal, industrial, funk metal, alternative rock, rap metal, and industrial metal artists and bands of the 1980s and early 1990s have been credited with laying groundwork for the development of nu metal by combining heavy guitar riffs with pop music structures and drawing influences from subgenres of heavy metal and other music genres; Faith No More, In the 1990s, bands described as "neo-metal" by the author Garry Sharpe-Young emerged; these bands include Pantera, Strapping Young Lad, Machine Head, Biohazard and Fear Factory.Sharpe-Young wrote that these bands "had chosen to strip metal down to its raw, primal element" and that "neo-metal paved the way for nu-metal".The last song, "dream 2," ends in a loud tangle of distortion, and they walk off stage mid-noise.The crowd seems stunned, and backstage, the members of Code Orange do, too.

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