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Downtown LA The central business district of Los Angeles and home to the Grand Avenue cultural corridor.

The advent of the automobile and freeways led to the neighborhood's slow decline, but it has seen a booming revival in recent years, led by new residential buildings, trendy hotels, bars, shops and restaurants.

In general independent escorts in LA charge US0-250 per hour and escort agencies charge a little more.LAPD and prosecutors are trying to crack down on prostitution. They are targeting johns and pimps more often and with harsher penalties, but aiming to treat the women as victims of sex trafficking who need counseling and a way off the streets more than a night in jail.Keep your eyes open if you are dealing with the prostitutes.Some of them are normal priced but you can also find Los Angeles high-class independent escorts who ask thousands of dollars per night.Escort business in LA is so deeply rooted in the city that it has become part of Los Angeles culture.

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Today the most of the prostitution business in LA happens online as sex workers have moved working indoors from the streets.

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