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This may be signage, presence of guards/rangers or physical fencing structures.

The need for some form of barrier goes beyond restricting human access.

The megafauna of Africa pose a genuine threat to human survival.

Introduced species have decimated New Zealand¿s endemic birds, reptiles and invertebrates, and several sites have been entirely encapsulated in mouse-proof fencing to ensure their protection.The project was advertised internationally and was funded by the South African National Research Foundation and involved determining the causes of differences in abundance of the vulnerable blue duiker at the two reserves.Regional ecologist for six conservation reserves owned and managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in south-eastern Australia (Scotia, Kalamurina, Buckaringa, Yookamurra, Dakalanta and North Head Sanctuaries; see figure below).Australia faces the same problems as New Zealand, however surrounds its national parks with cattle fences.Foxes and cats are free to enter and leave at will, resulting in rapid recolonisation following poisoning campaigns.

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If large carnivores appear in the territory massivedisturbances of the regular management processes are often feared.© Springer Science Business Media, LLC 2012. The conflict between increasing human population and biodiversity conservation is one of the IUCN¿s key threatening processes.

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