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I havn't swung that way in a long time, but an ass like that makes me want to switch! Bob: Lauren leans back on the floor, feet rubbing on your body and starts to rub her own clit... Bob: (oh, I'm jerking my cock rightnow thinking about you...

playing with my cock....) Kim: (I wish I was there, too... " Kim: I smile as she calls me a hot little slut... Bob: my cock is standing straight up, hard as a rock. Bob: "i want to see you fuck him " she whispers into your ear... Bob: she sits up, still masterbating and starts to lick it down your back and onto (and into) your asshole... Kim: You fuck my pussy mouth until I feel you about to cummm (watching Lauren pushes you closer)...

"I'm glad you approve..." and disappear into the kitchen... "My god, where did you find this hot little slut?!?! she slowly reaches down and pulls down her pants as well and looks at the guys who have their cocks out already, jerking them and watching silently... " I say to Lauren as I admire her firm naked body... Bob: "Fuck ya" Lauren says as she rubs furiously "cumm all over that hot little slut....." Bob: "All over her face" one of the guys says as he continues to strike his cock Kim: I open my lips slighly and your tip gets in... "DAMN" you say and you start to thrust and fuck my pussy mouth... Lauren moans as she sees the guy cum and sees it on my backside... I smile and beg you to CUMMM CUMMM CUMM ON MY FACE AND TITS AND BELLY AND PUSSSY!!!!

wishing you were here playing with them) Kim: I smile at Lauren and wink... spitting on my shaft and stroking it...) Kim: (Do you prefer a girl to swallow, or do you prefer to cum on her face???? Bob: lauren looks over and sees that you have my cock fully out and she moans as well in anticipation of it.... "And so does he..." *smile* Bob: She gives you a sly smile... " I say, letting you know that any wish or desire will be granted... "Damn" one of the guys say as he watches me seduce you... my tongue is being used to make it tight and hot, and you feel like you are fucking a young pussy... Kim: Just then one of the guys moans and cum shoots out all over my tan back and ass... Kim: The other guy cums and cums and cums on me and it gets onto Laurens face between my ass cheeks... " he says as he cummmmmms Bob: i feel it filling my cock...

I like when there is so much cum and the girl doesn't stop... my hot young firm 22 year old body a pleasure island for you all... she has on no bra, and her tits are exposed to you and the other guys in the room... you like my teasing ways..." *smile* Kim: Your cock jumps as you see Laurens tits and hard nipples... my hands rub all over your body, squeezing your nipples and ass, rubbing your sides and legs... Kim: Lauren's cum filled face rises from my ass and she says "Cum for us both..." Bob: (write a long paragraph and i will shoot my huge hot load for you...) Kim: Lauren reaches around and rubs cum on my tits and pulls me back..

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Bob: we're sitting in the living room waiting...."she's taking long enough... " Kim: I come out wearing only a maids front piece that ties in the back... " Bob: there's silence for what seems like forever and then Lauren says "I'd love some" Kim: I stand tall...

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