Amiga error validating disk

219: Seek error The Amiga DOS low level SEEK function has failed. 222: File is protected from deletion The file has been protected.This can be caused by an attempt to seek beyond the end of a file. 220: Comment too big The filenote was more than 80 characters. Highlight the icon and select information from the pull-down menus. 223: File is protected from Writing The file can be read but not written too.103: Insufficient Free store There is not enough memory to carry out the request.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

121: File is not an object module The file is not an executable program.

It could be a project file that requires another application to view it.

To move a file use the MOVE command (OS3.5 only) or COPY and DELETE (OS3.1 and below).

216: Directory not empty Delete all the files in the directory first.

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Try searching for a newer version on the Internet or copying the file from your Workbench disks.

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